Illuminating Style: How to Use Candles to Elevate Your Home Decor

Illuminating Style: How to Use Candles to Elevate Your Home Decor

Candles have an enchanting way of transforming the atmosphere in our homes. Beyond their warm, flickering glow, they can be powerful tools for styling and enhancing your living space. In this blog post, we'll explore creative ways to use candles to elevate your home decor and create a captivating ambience.

1. Choose Candles That Complement Your Aesthetic

Before you begin decorating with candles, select ones that match your home's overall style and colour palette. For a modern look, sleek and minimalist candleholders with unscented white or black candles can be stunning. If your style leans toward rustic or farmhouse, opt for candles in mason jars or wooden candleholders. For a touch of elegance, consider tapered candles in classic holders. The key is to ensure that your candles seamlessly blend with your decor.

2. Create Focal Points

Candles can serve as eye-catching focal points in your decor. Place a group of pillar candles on a decorative tray or within an empty fireplace for a captivating centrepiece. The varying heights and sizes of candles will add depth and dimension to your arrangement. To enhance the visual impact, consider using candles in shades that contrast with your decor, drawing attention to the display.

3. Layer with candleholders

Candleholders come in a multitude of styles, from vintage to contemporary. Mixing and matching different candleholders can add visual interest and depth to your decor. Try placing tall taper candles in ornate holders alongside votive candles in glass jars for a harmonious blend of height and texture. The interplay of candlelight and shadows will create an enchanting ambience.

4. Illuminate Wall Art

Candles can highlight your wall art and create a gallery-worthy display. Install wall sconces with adjustable arms to position candles strategically around your artwork. When lit, they'll cast a soft, flattering light on your prized pieces, enhancing their visual appeal.

5. Embrace Scented Candles

Scented candles can elevate your decor by appealing to the sense of smell. Choose scents that evoke the mood you want to create. For a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, opt for warm, comforting scents like vanilla or cinnamon. In spaces where you want to promote relaxation, consider lavender or eucalyptus scents. Place scented candles strategically in living areas, bathrooms, or bedrooms to infuse your home with inviting fragrances.

6. Enhance Outdoor Spaces

Extend your decor beyond the indoors by incorporating candles into your outdoor spaces. Lanterns with glass panels can protect candles from wind while creating a magical outdoor ambience. Line pathways or the edges of your outdoor seating area with candles in hurricane lanterns or decorative holders. The warm, flickering glow will make your outdoor gatherings unforgettable.

7. Experiment with Candle Arrangements

Don't be afraid to experiment with various candle arrangements. Create asymmetrical clusters on your dining table, arrange floating candles in a bowl of water for a serene effect, or hang votive candles in glass orbs for a unique, floating display. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to tailor your candle decor to your style and preferences.


Candles are versatile and timeless decor elements that can transform your home into a stylish and inviting sanctuary. By choosing candles that align with your aesthetic, creating focal points, layering with candleholders, illuminating wall art, embracing scented candles, enhancing outdoor spaces, and experimenting with arrangements, you can infuse your living spaces with warmth, personality, and an enchanting ambience. So, go ahead, light up your decor, and let your style shine with the captivating magic of candles.
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